FMM in my mind

Have you ever wonder what it is like to live in the convent? How can some people live in prayers and silence?

It’s been 10 years when I entered the convent and joined the Franciscan Missionary of Mary Institute (an International congregation for religious women), I somehow manage to live that kind of life. A life of what I called “letting go”.

I let go of everything that I have– my family, friends, job and even myself.

It’s an extraordinary, inspiring, and bravest (or craziest for some) thing that anyone can do.It is not all about sacrifice. It is an everyday struggle towards perfection to prepare oneself to His divine will.

Like any other relationship, it was harder to leave than to go in.

Living in the convent is not heaven on earth, some might find it boring and would not want to live there.

So, why do I tell it anyway?

As Robert Fulghum wrote, author of All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten. There are places we all come from — that make us who we are. We turn our backs on them and find sense in which we need to go back again – to sanctify memory.

Though it’s hard to explain, I found my treasure there.


4 thoughts on “FMM in my mind

  1. Awesome. I really respect Catholicism, though I’m a Protestant. The prayers, the imagery, and the rosaries are beautiful to me. So what made you decide to leave the convent if you don’t mind my asking?

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  2. Hi domain, so what made me decide to leave the convent?… That’s quite hard to answer. Let’s put it this way. In a relationship, the reason why you like or love the person will sometimes makes the reason why you want to leave the relationship. While the reason why I enter the convent is not the same reason why I left it. It will always be a mystery. It is between me and my God.

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  3. Haha honestly, I think I ‘m not yet over with that phase in my life. In my heart I still want to be there. Hopefully in time I can figure it out why I wasn’t meant to be there. Thank you so much domain.

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