Fear & Death


Fear and death. How do you differentiate it? How do you compare it?

I don’t fear death. I have seen it a lot when I was in the convent. About 3 or 4 times a year, the community celebrated a sister’s going home to the Father. A celebration, because death is a part of human life.

It’s the fear that I feared. It’s more than death to me, because fear has my permission to take me to be feared. I allow fear to happen.

While death can come once, fear happens repeatedly.

Fear will always be there just around the corner, waiting to get someone’s attention. While death will be waiting to take his turn.

I fear of losing a friend, a parent, a family members.                                          I fear of losing my career.                                                                                               I fear of losing myself while living.

For some, death happens everyday.

Stuck in traffic.                                                                                                              Waiting in line.                                                                                                                Changing jobs.                                                                                                                   A failed relationship. It is the same. A death.

Whether or not we fear of death or death fears us, it is in our power to choose what we believe. To choose to wake up or not, to dress up or not, to eat or not, to fight or not, to love or not, to live or not.

Fear is a feeling, a suffering, a state of the mind. It is a private thing. Only me, myself and I knows it.

Death is a fact, a pain, a public thing.

It is the end of an earthly life, but the beginning of eternity.


69 thoughts on “Fear & Death

  1. Hello, man this is a topic I have thought about on several occasions. Because of my SVT ABLATION, the fact that I have three little kids. Honestly it’s almost scary to me. I’ve been asking God to help me with this issue. Help! I need more insight.

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  2. The human mind is afraid of unknown and life is an adventure from known to unknown. it is always spontaneous.. also one more thing mind knows nothing about the present because mind works always in past or can imagine future on basis of known things of past, but it cannot work /know of the present. The fear of the mind is as soon as you encounter the present you become spontaneous and mind becomes useless.
    Fear will be there until the mind is there, the moment one becomes spontaneous, fear goes, vanish away.

    About death it is there until one’s “I” is there, the moment person enters inner being and finds there is no separate “I” separate “me” the same moment death happens and the person is totally liberated the very moment…

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