Untitled poem

The sun will rise

The sun will set

To bring another happy day

And though I’m gone

Just don’t forget

No matter what

My love will stay

And though one day

You met someone

And found out that you love her so

Just let me know when the time comes

I’ll wish you love

I’ll let you go.


Note:Β  I don’t own this poem. I can’t remember where did I read it, who wrote it and even the title of it.Β  I have memorized this poem way back in high school (that was 25 years ago), still loved it. Just in case, anybody knew who wrote this poem, please tell her that I would love to meet her.

12 thoughts on “Untitled poem

  1. Hi there, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.😎 I love your stuff and thought this would be nice. Thanks

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  2. I also have these collected quotes received through text messages… I wrote them when I was in college.. I saved them because it reminded me of how people can be so romantic.. Hahaha

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