The ONE that got away

I am the ONE who owns your mind

I am the ONE who owns your heart

I am the ONE who owns your soul

The ONE who completes and brighten up your day

The ONE who supports and give you courage

The ONE who understands you more than yourself

The ONE who loved you first.

But lately, things have changed.

The sweetness of your words turn to sour

The promises that kept had broken

The calls have been rejected

Your mundane life is there to keep you company now.

Whatever it is, please tell me that I change you somehow

Let me know that you will never forget me

That somehow, somewhere or sometime you'll wish we haven't parted our ways.

It's just me. 

I'm the ONE that got away.

- Jesus -
Something tells me I'm going to love you forever.

21 thoughts on “The ONE that got away

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