You and I

Have it ever cross your mind
The moment you lay in bed
That somehow when you fall asleep
You'll wish it will be your last?

"Yes", I said.

Have it ever cross your mind
The moment I lay in bed
That somehow when I fall asleep
I'll wish it will be my last?

"No", God said.



2 thoughts on “You and I

  1. yes lucylu, the subject of death and the act of sleep coincidental in the thoughts of any given person at the time of rest is unavoidable you could say; but of course, you know me, I think in terms of life first and foremost because that is what God is all about and I’m with Him every moment (whether we live or die we are the Lord’s) – in Him we live, breathe, have our being, as the scriptures say; wishing you can just ‘check-out’ conveniently during a night of sleep is a dastardly thought (unless God knows your mission is complete on earth, different story) because although we all have been tempted to think in that way because of circumstances or depression, trials, etc., what God does not want is for us to complete our inheritance in the faith in a state of hopelessness or despair, that would be anathema to who we are in any case. Does that make sense? Not all-inclusive thoughts on my part but first impression.

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