I am a poet, song composer, guitarist, teacher, swimmer, painter, and author of books.

 “Everything you can imagine is real“. Picasso said. And I believe that.

Most of us create ourselves – to become like our favorite celebrity, our favorite superheroes, or even our favorite saints. Like actors and actresses playing their roles in theater and movies.

In real life, I am playing my roles too; as a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend.

I am Lucy Lu and the first line of this post is  all I still want to become.

What is the truth about any one of us?…

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29 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thank you for being the first person that I don’t know in real life to read my stuff. It was kind of exciting to see that you had followed my stuff.

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  3. Thank you too. I believed in fairy tales, magic, dragons… A child’s mind and character should remain in every individual, its the only way to remain human.


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