The way we bury our dead

Death is the most painful event in anyone’s life. That’s why we don’t usually talk about it or most of the time, we try to avoid it. We denied the fact that death isn’t part of our life.

And when it comes, it is usually “unexpected”.

Death in our time means “crisis”.

It is always an emergency.

The living must put aside their lives to meet the emergency of death.

And an instant family reunion always takes place.

Once we die, we are no longer in the care of our family and friends— a strangers take place.

Some professionals and experts are there to take care of the deceased.

Instead we grief, because we’re not prepared. Because we’re not ready. Because we’re not able to say the things we suppose to say, we’re not able to do the things we want to, we’re not able to find the time to be with them.

We buried their bodies, but not their memories with us.

Instead, we bring them flowers because regret is stronger than gratitude.


She’s a teenage kid who has just had a baby in the back stall of a barn, with some confusion about just who the father is. Her husband is muttering about taxes and the fact that the head honcho in these parts, Herod, has opted for infanticide. And if that’s not enough, there’s all this traffic of visiting astrologers, sheep ranchers, and angels, who keep dropping by with questions and proclamations and chorales. To top it off, the animals who are jammed in there with her “talk”. It certainly would give a person something to do some heavy thinking about.

I’d say “ponder” is the perfect word for what Mary was doing.

– Robert Fulghum from the book,  It was on fire when I lay down on it –

And me too, I ponder.

Like today, the feast of Mary’s nativity.

She’s not here to replace God, or her son, Jesus.

She’s the perfect example that humans can be perfect, too.

She was used as a instrument to fulfilled God’s divine will.

And to prove that EVERYTHING with GOD is POSSIBLE.


It’s the first day in school, my 4-years old daughter was excited while I was not sure what’s going to happen.

So, I decided to stay in school just in case something might not work out right. And at last, after 3 hours there she was smiling.

Mom : How’s your first day ?

Daughter : It’s okay,  mom.

Mom, did you stayed in school?

Mom : Yes.

Daughter : You didn’t leave me?

Mom : Yes.

Daughter : Why?