I believe in both

love and lust

They’re both overrated

They’re used to define a feelings

They’re used to find fault

Sometimes, love starts with lust

And sometimes too, lust begin with love

Don’t be confused on

love and lust

Do get confused on your

needs and wants…






LoVe and LuSt

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An open letter to the sun

You know that I admired you so much
Actually everyone does
Who would not be?
You never stop to brighten my days
You were always there to bring back my life again and again
As I lay down with you 
And count every beautiful things that I see
But mine is different.

I'm sorry because
I love the moon more than you coz
he was there to light my darkest nights
I love the rain more than you coz
he was there to washed away my pains
I love the star more than you coz
he was there to give sparkle to my eyes
Maybe I was not meant to be with you
Maybe I was meant to be ME.

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Lucy Lu (repost)

I knew Lucy Lu since she was a kid. She never talks much but knows how to speak her mind. She will never elaborate things in detail but somehow can show you how things work.  At school, she’s an average student. Likes math, but almost failed her Algebra and Geometry class. Doesn’t like science, but got 90% average grade in Physics in her senior year in high school. Hates English language but dreams of becoming a writer. She’s quite confused about what she likes.

        She took people oriented course in college to overcome her shyness, but apparently entered in the convent to become a nun. Still confused, huh?

Confused, define as, the state of being unable to think with clarity or act with understanding and intelligence.

In the course of one’s life, you often encounter this word. It’s not a humps or potholes, it’s a stoplight. It gives you time to think things over. It may take a week or month, but nevertheless you will have to decide.

Getting confused  means, you have to get out of your comfort zone, to test your limit, to know your capability, to take a leap, to risk.

About Lucy, she’s now a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful kids. Confused yet excited of pursuing her dream of becoming a writer and a painter at the same time.

         And by the way, Lucy is me.