The story of trust

I always wanted to learn how to swim.

It’s a common knowledge, when thinking of a vacation the first thing that comes to mind is swimming. Filipinos love the water. Well, aside from the fact that we’re located near the equator and considered a tropical country, we just loved  the smell of ” bagong paligo“.

So who wouldn’t want to be in the water?…

No one but….

Not everyone knows how to swim.

And I was one of them.

Swimming for me was like a DREAM.

To enroll in a swimming class was not an option because it is usually out of the budget, though, not really that expensive. Actually learning how to swim is more of experienced. You learned the art of swimming by experienced.

So, every time I’m on the beach or pool with families or friends I envy those who can swim. Several times, I attempted to ask a friends or relatives to teach me how to swim, but every time they will let me on my own I just sink.

Until it happened again, I’m on the beach walking in the water (not above the water) about 4 ft below and asked again one of my colleague if she can to teach me how to swim.

Me: Can you teach me how to swim?

Colleague : Oh you don’t know? But I thought you’re swimming?

Me: Hahaha just pretending I’m swimming, actually I’m walking in the water.

Colleague: Okay then, first you must know how to float. Try it. Relax.

Me: (After trying to float several times) I can’t. I don’t know how to relax. It’s a bit tiring to force someone to relax, lol.

Colleague: Okay, I will hold you first and released you once you learned to float.

Me: (Every time she releases her hand I sink). I give up, I guess I would never know how to swim.

Colleague: You’re afraid of the water?

Me: I don’t know.

Colleague: Let me put it this way. Imagine that the water is the hand of God. What will you do?

Within a minute, I try again.

And I did it.








You and I

Have it ever cross your mind
The moment you lay in bed
That somehow when you fall asleep
You'll wish it will be your last?

"Yes", I said.

Have it ever cross your mind
The moment I lay in bed
That somehow when I fall asleep
I'll wish it will be my last?

"No", God said.



Conception in wonder

17426123_1502012643142597_690429343650407167_nDecember 8 is one of the most celebrated feast day in  Roman Catholic church. It is the feast of our Lady; the mother of Jesus, our God. This is the day, our mother Mary was conceived by her parents, St. Joaquin and St. Anne. The feast is called “Immaculate Conception”.

I believed that just as the date and place of birth is important to every human being, the date and place of conception should be given an important recognition too.

The start of life begins in conception. The meeting of the egg and sperm are in a race with a million others to become one.

During conception, our parents were present body, mind and soul. While at birth our father has the option to be there or not. It won’t make any difference at all.

Our conception can sometimes be called a “wanted”, or a “planned” and or an “accident”.

I wondered how it was for my parents at the beginning before I was conceived. It must have been in late February, the month of love. And I was proud to be conceived in the season of love.

Where was I conceived?

Was I wanted?

Did my parents truly love each other the time I was conceived?

The questions never end. The answers were never known. It exists only in the secret record in my mind. It will always be a mystery. And I wouldn’t mind because I know that anything is possible. And EVERYTHING IS A BLESSING.

***inspired by Robert Fulghum writings