It’s the first day in school, my 4-years old daughter was excited while I was not sure what’s going to happen. So, I decided to stay in school just in case something might not work out right. And at last, after 3 hours there she was smiling. Mom : How’s your first day ? Daughter…

LoVe and LuSt

I believe in both love and lust They’re both overrated They’re used to define a feelings They’re used to find fault Sometimes, love starts with lust And sometimes too, lust begin with love Don’t be confused on love and lust Do get confused on your needs and wants…        

On Gender Equality

One time, I overheard my eldest daughter (8 yrs old) and her father talking. They’re both watching local news on TV. Daughter : Dad, why do girls have to change their last name when they get married? Dad : It’s the law. Daughter : If ever I would become a president, I would change that….

Happy Ending

“Every story has a  happy ending, you just need to know when to stop.”      -Annie MG Schmidth-    

Musing : My life as a whole

  My life as a whole is a DREAM COME TRUE. My first dream was to become a nun. I entered the convent at aged 30, but got out after 2 years. My life as a whole is an ADVENTURE. A once in a lifetime experienced with the local tribe of Mindoro, knowing their culture…


There you are again Always on time Never miss a day With your warm greetings With your contagious smile With your sincere eyes With your neatly ironed clothes Asking what I want Serving my favorite tea Of course Because you’re the waiter from the cafe.


Last night, while doing the dishes my 4 years old daughter was talking to me. Daughter : Mom, was dad just sleeping over with us? Me : Why do you ask? Daughter : Because you already drove him away from our house. He just here because he misses us, his daughters. Me : (Speechless)….  …


“People think the things they want to say and do. But they say the words they didn’t mean,  And do the things they don’t want to do.”  


I wish I am a princess…sleeping waiting for a kiss from a prince to wake me up Instead of waking up by the loud voice of my mother . I wish I am a princess…getting ready for the ball with a beautiful ballgown and a glass slipper Instead of wearing an old fashioned dress and…

He said, She said 

(The confrontation when you got back and breaking up again to an ex-lover) He said :  “To tell you frankly, I ‘d cried like a baby when you left me.” She said :  “Cried like a baby???… I died when you left me!”