i saw you

i saw you

the other day

in the mall

while crossing the street

while talking to a friend

while taking a walk in the park

while driving to a distance

while drinking my coffee

while reading my novel

while observing the neighborhood

while looking at the window

while watching my fave game…

i saw you

NO !

my heart did see you

Because she’s longing for you.

The sign

Life is hard; so is love; so as riding the LRT trains when you’re in the Philippines.

As a daily commuter, having to travel for approximately 2 hours each day going to work is not that easy. But for someone whose looking for inspirations to express their thoughts, the long hours of travel is a great opportunity to ponder, especially for the hopeless romantic me.

Until the day I came across this sign : tumblr_nkhfhbpCZJ1qd4ssyo1_500

Nang mawala ka sa akin, ikaw at ako’y nawalan: (When I lost you, you and I became lost)

ako dahil ikaw ang minahal ko nang lubusan (I lose because I have loved you so much)

at ikaw dahil ako ang sa iyo’y lubusang nagmahal (and you lose, because you were loved the most).

Ngunit sa dalawa ay ikaw ang higit na nawalan (but between us, you lose more than what I lost)

Dahil pwede kong mahalin ang iba tulad nang pagmamahal ko sa iyo (because I can love somebody  the way I have loved you)

ngunit ika’y ‘di mamahalin tulad nang kung paano kita minahal (but nobody will ever love you the way I did).

– Ernesto Cardenal (1925-)

And then, it hits you.

Like looking at someone’s eyes and see everything you need.

Like listening to Howie Day’s song COLLIDE.

Like meeting your ex-boyfriend again after 25 years, and still feel the pain that he had left.

It hits you so hard.

And the hardest part is, you can’t do anything about it.

So when life is giving you a hard time, so as love, never ride the LRT trains.


What is loneliness ?

The guy called the girl on the phone, he broke up with her a week ago.

Girl : Hello !

Guy : Hi, what’s up?

Girl  : Oh, the usual.

Guy :  I  just arrived from Palawan for a seminar.

Girl  : hmm

Guy : Hold for a second, mom is calling me.

After a minute or so, the girl started to sing  holding the phone  (she doesn’t  know that the guy stays on the phone).

Girl : “It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. I’m not one of those who can easily hide. Don’t have much money but If I could I buy a big house where we both could live”.

Guy : What’s the title of the song? Is it “Annie’s song” ?

Girl : “Your song”.

Guy :  Don’t know that you like that song.

Girl :  Don’t know that I will be lonely.

Loneliness is… something you know  when it happened.