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A simply response can make a difference. Thank you so much.

“A Child’s mind and character should remain in every individual, it’s the only way to remain human.”

I missed it the first time but not forever…


Child’s Mind

“People think the things they want to say and do.

But they say the words they didn’t mean,

 And do the things they don’t want to do.”



I wish I am a princess...sleeping
   waiting for a kiss from a prince to wake me up
Instead of waking up by the loud voice of my mother .

I wish I am a princess...getting ready for the ball
   with a beautiful ballgown and a glass slipper
Instead of wearing an old fashioned dress and a rubber slipper.

I wish I am a princess...with a golden long hair
    letting it down will appear my prince
Instead of letting down my hair appear a silver gray hair. 

I wish I am a princess...with a beautiful singing voice
     can walked on land for the sake of love
Instead of seeing the man I loved walking  away from me.

I wish I am a princess...
      waiting for a prince to rescue me.

But I am not a princess
   And my life is not a fairytale.


“You’ve loved me too much that broke your heart too deeply. You said, you will never going to marry the woman who broke your heart. Is it my loss or yours?…”

Artwork by Alessandro Gottardo aka Shout


Who’s at fault?