Unfinished Manifesto

Creative writing is an art.

Being an artist is a way of life, not a job.

Do not write to make a living; write to make a living worthwhile.

Write to make sense of my life and then pass that long.

Write from having lived as wide, as deep, and as varied a life as possible.

Specialization is for insects.

Use both solitude and company. And remember that it is just as easy to fail at solitude as it is to fail at being a companion.

Creative writing is a moral, social act. Don’t lose sight of that.

Justice, mercy, love, and freedom are not the work of the gods or politicians, but the work of those who willingly risk seeing the world with open eyes —- who do not turn away, but address what they see.

from the book “What on earth have I done?”

Day #3 – Three Days,Three Quotes Challenge

Oh It’s the last day of the challenge !

I felt a little bit of something

I don’t know

I’m not sure

It felt like this…


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I’m a BIG fan of this song lyrics

That I made a post of this 2 years ago

What is Loneliness?


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My Affairs

I can't live alone.

I repeat.


Having relationship have always been part of me.

I have a relationship with my bed.
The way it comforts me, soothe away my tiredness
It knows my fears and dreams
And it even kept secrets too.

I have a relationship with the sun.
But I think it was too perfect for me
Sometimes I thought bout the moon, the rain and the stars too

I have a relationship with the ONE
Though he was got away somehow
He still lives inside me

I have a relationship with my writings
It satisfies my need
Like having an intimate moment with a man

I wonder now
What would have been if I had a relationship with a real man
If there is such a thing.