a person’s best friend.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling into two bodies

Four decades had passed since we became a part of each other’s lives. We never planned it, but it is ONE of the most happiest event anyone can have.

And since our birthdays are just around the corner. I would like to reminisced the things about us.

  • She was born on the 22nd while I was born on the 23rd
  • We went to the cinema and watched 3 movies consecutively.
  • While in college, we bought the same black shoes for school; on the same place and at the same day, separately.
  • We both have 3 daughters.
  • We can communicate by facial expression.
  • We were classmates in grade school, middle school up to college. And  we’re still together on our first job.
  • We both know that “SPACE” is what we needed when misunderstanding occurs.
  • We never argue, we never said “I love you’s” or “I miss you’s”, we never talked about the wrong things we thought we did to each other. We don’t really like DRAMA.
  • Every time we meet up, there’s always some similarities in our attire.
The most EPIC meet up: blue top, white shorts, white sandals

Unlike romantic relationship, best friends allow and respect each other to have a new friends.

The way we bury our dead

Death is the most painful event in anyone’s life. That’s why we don’t usually talk about it or most of the time, we try to avoid it. We denied the fact that death isn’t part of our life.

And when it comes, it is usually “unexpected”.

Death in our time means “crisis”.

It is always an emergency.

The living must put aside their lives to meet the emergency of death.

And an instant family reunion always takes place.

Once we die, we are no longer in the care of our family and friends— a strangers take place.

Some professionals and experts are there to take care of the deceased.

Instead we grief, because we’re not prepared. Because we’re not ready. Because we’re not able to say the things we suppose to say, we’re not able to do the things we want to, we’re not able to find the time to be with them.

We buried their bodies, but not their memories with us.

Instead, we bring them flowers because regret is stronger than gratitude.

The best feeling

My migraine strikes again.

Two days of staying in bed all day and all night. Every food that touches my tongue down my stomach keep rushing back up. My head and body ached so bad, I thought I was going to die.

On the third day, I forced myself to get up. Eat a little bit to stay me up.

Then suddenly… Yes I think I’m back.

“The best feelings in your life come when you start feeling good after you’ve been feeling just awful.”

True for all crises—small and large.

Then I remembered a story about the guy who tried to commit suicide.

He’s on his 30’s, a harsh time. Everything on his plate seemed foul and rancid–job, marriage,career, friendship,family, life, and future.

Ironic that he was a volunteer at the time on a 24-hour answering service for a crisis center. Desperate people called in the middle of the night and said they were considering suicide. He resigned his post when he begin to think they were on the right track.

Getting dead began to seem like a good idea, he thought.

One morning—He just ran away from home. Got in his car, drove to the airport, and caught the next plane leaving. It was going to Texas, the place he had in mind, where he grew up. Probably the place he unconsciously wanted to be—back to the beginning— to complete the circle or find where things started going wrong–or something–he doesn’t know…”

Option#1 — He tried to buy a gun, but there was a waiting period if you were from out of state. So shooting himself was out. Which is OK because he didn’t really want to shoot himself and make a mess.

Option#2 — He looked for something to jump off of, but there wasn’t anyplace high enough in that part of Texas, and then there was the mess factor again.

Two days had gone by. While he was working out the technical problems of getting dead, he was driving around in a rented car looking at the scenery of his childhood.

Option#3 — He bought a vacuum-cleaner hose and some wide masking tape. That night he drove out in the plains for a couple of hundred miles turned off on a dirt road, and drove farther. He parked. Tried taping the hose to the exhaust pipe and then in through a wing window of the car.


He felt like a contest between three people.

One wanted to get it over with. Another seemed to think it was funny, and the third was obsessed with the taping problems.

The problem was that the hose was round and the exhaust pipe was oval, and he had to make the connection by using lots of tape.

It was funny. Too dumb to do something so simple. He was protected from himself by his own incompetence, he began to laugh. He couldn’t even kill himself. He laughed to the point of hysteria, turned into sobbing grief, which turned into silence broken by renewed laughter.

“Man too dumb to live–that’s him.”

But what if he succeeded?

He had the vision of his corpse sitting up at the wheel of this rented car out here in the bushes in the middle of nowhere–and the world going on without HIM—and it seemed like such a meaningless thing to do.

And he began to think of his ancestors—considering that he was alive now because a lot of men and women before him had been able to take whatever life threw at them and go on.

He began to laugh again. Death isn’t what he wanted. It wasn’t LESS life he wanted, but MORE life — life with MEANING.

And he never felt better in his life than at that moment.

from the book , MAYBE (MAYBE NOT)


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

The yellow sponge

He’s the yellow sponge you can’t find in my kitchen

He’s the kind of employee every employer wants

He’s the only perfect friend made for Patrick

He can annoy the mean people with his happiness


He spends more time with my daughters than their father

He brings my daughters a good laugh


He inspires me on how he sees things.





Once in a while

Once in a while

I  close the umbrella and

feel the rain pours down

on me.


Once in a while

I take off my hat and

let the ray of the sun

warms me.


Once in a while

I let the pain remain

Just to be with you







On Gender Equality

One time, I overheard my eldest daughter (8 yrs old) and her father talking. They’re both watching local news on TV.

Daughter : Dad, why do girls have to change their last name when they get married?

Dad : It’s the law.

Daughter : If ever I would become a president, I would change that.

Dad : Huh, why?

Daughter : Because it’s unfair. 


imagecredit: Google