a person’s best friend.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling into two bodies

Four decades had passed since we became a part of each other’s lives. We never planned it, but it is ONE of the most happiest event anyone can have.

And since our birthdays are just around the corner. I would like to reminisced the things about us.

  • She was born on the 22nd while I was born on the 23rd
  • We went to the cinema and watched 3 movies consecutively.
  • While in college, we bought the same black shoes for school; on the same place and at the same day, separately.
  • We both have 3 daughters.
  • We can communicate by facial expression.
  • We were classmates in grade school, middle school up to college. And  we’re still together on our first job.
  • We both know that “SPACE” is what we needed when misunderstanding occurs.
  • We never argue, we never said “I love you’s” or “I miss you’s”, we never talked about the wrong things we thought we did to each other. We don’t really like DRAMA.
  • Every time we meet up, there’s always some similarities in our attire.
The most EPIC meet up: blue top, white shorts, white sandals

Unlike romantic relationship, best friends allow and respect each other to have a new friends.

Happy Birthday

Nang araw na iyon

Minulat ko ang aking mga mata

Kasabay ng pagsikat ng araw

Sinimulan ko ang labahin

Kasabay ng pagdilig sa hardin

Sinimulan ko na rin ang pagluto ng Sinigang

Kasabay ng sinaing

Sinimulan ko na rin ang paglampaso sa sahig

Kasabay ng hiling na sana’y hindi na kita isipin

Nang araw na iyon

May nakalimutan pa ba ‘ko?

WALA na.

Kasi kahit birthday mo

Hindi ko magawang kalimutan.

Super Mom

“There will be so many times you feel like you failed. But in the eyes, ears, mind and heart of your child, you will always be the SUPERMOM.”

artwork of my 7-year-old daughter
artwork of my 7-year-old daughter

50 random FACTS about ME



It’s always been my passion to write something. And with the many things going on in my head, I feel that if it doesn’t come out it will be like a bomb that will ruin my sanity.

It’s about time to unveil what’s inside of me, to speak my mind and share my thoughts about everything. About Life… Death… And the Love in between.



  1. I was born in the year of the Tiger and I’m a Sagittarius.

2. I don’t like the smell and taste of a vinegar.

3. I’m not good at sports, I did try when I was in college but I almost failed it.

4. In high school, my best friend and I exchanges answer sheets during exam. I answered Math and Science while she does the English and Filipino.

5. I don’t know how to apply make-up and I’m not interested either. But I admire those who can do it perfectly.

6. I am the middle child.

7. I am a cake and cat lover.

8. If given a chance to have a second course in college, I would love to study geography or history.

9. I rode a roller coaster twice, one in enchanted kingdom in Philippines and the other at Universal Studio in Singapore. And I will never do it again. But I have second thoughts on bungee jumping.

10. I’m not into rubber shoes, I love wearing sandals.

11. I love pampering myself by having a regular pedicures and manicures.

12. I almost completed the books written by my favorite author “Robert Fulghum” except for the 3 remaining books; True love, Words I wish I wrote and Third wish.

13. I like weird/nerd people.

14. Pizza and donuts can make my day.

15, I admit I’m boring, but don’t really care what others may say.

16. I can’t stand cold weather and cold shower.

17. I wish I can draw. But I can paint.

18. I don’t wear dark color clothes., except for pants.

19. I prefer shopping alone.

20. When I enter in a room, the first thing I will be looking for is the window.

21. Poetry is romantic

22. A 12-hour uninterrupted sleep is my remedy for my migraine.

23. I like X-MEN, Jet Li and “Dao Ming Si” Jerry Yan.

24. I believe in the supernaturals. I wish I could be a faith healer.

25. I like it when people remember my nickname, not my real name.

26. I am a hopeless romantic.

27. I did everything to win the heart of the boy I really liked when I was in high school. Yeah, I’m the one who courted him. And when I confessed it to my friends, no one believed me.

28. I love Liam Neeson.

29. Schindler’s list and The sixth sense are the movies that I’ll want to watch again and again.

30. I always like to challenge myself.

31. I love to sleep.

32. One of the article I wrote was published in a different language and gave me a copy of it.

33. I always believe in love, but not in marriage.

34. I’m blessed to be part of this :

35. Coffee and milk tea please…

36. I like to watch movie with subtitles.

37. I don’t know if I can live without rice.

38. The best food l ever had was at the convent. No red meat. Only chicken, fish and vegetables.

39. Well, I’m good at writing love letters.

40. I have fears of stairs, particularly wooden stairs.

41. I don’t like chocolates.

42. I don’t have problem in sleeping, anywhere and whatever the position is.

43. I am both spiritual and religious.

44. I love to eat squash seeds, when I’m bored.

45. I like girls that have a boy’s name.

46. WATERMELON I loveeee…..

47. I only got ONE barbie doll in my entire life, then my daughters came and broke it.

48. I still have a picture of my ex (that is 27 years ago).

49. I am quiet and reserved. I am very “filipina”.

50. I rarely take pictures of myself but I love taking selfies with my kids.

Unfinished Manifesto

Creative writing is an art.

Being an artist is a way of life, not a job.

Do not write to make a living; write to make a living worthwhile.

Write to make sense of my life and then pass that long.

Write from having lived as wide, as deep, and as varied a life as possible.

Specialization is for insects.

Use both solitude and company. And remember that it is just as easy to fail at solitude as it is to fail at being a companion.

Creative writing is a moral, social act. Don’t lose sight of that.

Justice, mercy, love, and freedom are not the work of the gods or politicians, but the work of those who willingly risk seeing the world with open eyes —- who do not turn away, but address what they see.

from the book “What on earth have I done?”

Liebster Award

Don’t regret the things you don’t have control on.

Getting nominated is your labor.

Getting award is only a luck.

This is the first time I’ve nominated for the LIEBSTER Awards.

So, thank you so much to the most barbaric gentleman I’ve known in WP, Mr A., please do visit this site for some honest, vivacity, wit,  and get to know “what’s in the mind” of a real man.

So here are the rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

“Sometimes the questions are complicated

and the answers are simple. “

– Dr. Seuss

So, here’s my answers to Mr. A. (this is the reason why joining a beauty pageant is not my thing hehehe).

  1. . Tell us about your idol, what you think makes them great. Then tell us about their flaws as a person, does that affect your view of them? Tell us why?

Not a fan of anyone. I like anything and anybody that finds me interesting or inspires me.

  • 2. Tell us 5 things that fully energizes you. Tell us why, and your plans so that you can spend more time with them?

(1)Writing and (2) reading. It satisfies me more than sex.

(3)Watching movies. I can watch 3 movies non-stop.

(4)Bath time is my ME time.

(5)And of course my kids.      

Time management is very important .

  • 3. Tell us 5 things that fully drains you. Tell us why, and your plans so that you can spend less time with them?

Don’t really know. Maybe stress, when something you hope for didn’t happen.

  • 4. Tell us about something about yourself that you blame others for? May it be a person, the economy, society, genes?

None. For me, if you blamed other people about the things that happened to you means you’re not being responsible for anything that you do.

  • 5. Have you ever imitated someone,  that you lost yourself in the process? Tell us about it.


  • 6. Do you have an exercise routine? Tell us why it works for you and how you manage it?

Sometime I have.

  • 7. Tell us your opinion on a thick bushy manly mustache, yay or nay?

Nay. It’s not romantic.

  • 8. What is your go-to dish to serve when you host dinner parties?


  • 9. Tell us about your professional career, its ups, and downs?

I was a travel agent professionally.  A lot of perks is at stake when you’re in the travel industry, which includes discounts from air fare, hotels and resorts not only for you but also for your family, and a lot of trainings that are recognized globally. The down part is you’re not the only one in the company so sometimes it will take a year or two before you can avail it. It’s a 24/7 work and stress until your client finally get back home.

10. It there any topic you wish to see on this blog or any suggestions for improvements?

None. I think it is perfect.

OOPS !! Oh my where’s the question #11??? I think I lost it. SORRY Mr. A

“I’m working ON myself, FOR myself, BY myself. “

I had so much fun doing this, I’m thinking of posting my own 100 facts hahaha…

1. LUCYLU is my pen name.

2.  I once appeared on television for children, Its called “BATIBOT”, when I was 8 years old together with my playmates in our neighborhood. We showed how to make a car toy made of empty can of sardines.

3. Entering the religious order to become a nun was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. It gave me the freedom I never thought I’ve found.

4. I’m one of the luckiest people to experience “single life” to the fullest. I’d been  madly in love, dated a lot, drunk a lot, prayed a lot… got married and had my first child at 35.

5. I have a best friend even before I’d learned the ABC’s. We were classmates in grade school, middle school up to college. And  we’re still together on our first job.

6. I have fear of dead animals but not dead people.

7. I don’t iron my clothes. I buy fabrics/dresses that don’t need ironing.

8. I have Japanese ancestors on my father’s side.

9. A low maintenance woman –– that’s me!

10.I really love breakfast !

11. I don’t talk much but if you’re going to ask me, I’m not going to lie.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

So here are my questions for my nominees :

  1. Who is your animated hero? And why?
  2. What makes you smile?
  3.  How many pillows do you sleep with?
  4.  What’s your favorite holiday?
  5. Are you a clean or messy person?
  6. Have you tried to ride a roller coaster?
  7. What’s something I would never guess about you?
  8. If you were given a chance to choose a natural power, what would it be?
  9. Have you ever worn clothing with the labels/tags still attached?
  10. If you were a boy/girl even for a day, what would be the first thing you do?
  11. Who would you like to sit next to on a 10-hour flight and why

“Your hard work and passion for perfection alone have placed you here.” CONGRATULATIONS !!!

My nominees are :


All the best to all the nominees ! Have fun guys !

The REASON why

It was my first year in the congregation. The convent was located at the back, inside a catholic school runs by the parish in that area. Before the school was build, the convent is already existed. It was a combination of cement for the posts and floors, and made of wood for its walls. People who visits there says that it looks like a ship inside and out, because of its long hallway connecting the parlor ( a room in a monastery for holding conversations ) area to the dining area. The walls were never painted thus the original color of cement and woods remained. And there’s a century old acacia tree in front of it.

By that time, there were 3 professed (a full- pledge nun who completed and passed the process of formation) sisters and we’re 4 postulants (a candidate, especially one seeking admission into a religious order) living in there.

Our mistress informed us that we have to go to the city to pay our last respect to the elderly nun that had passed away a few days ago. The interment will be on the following weekend, early in the morning. Since the travel time will take 2 to 3 hours, we decided to leave the convent on late afternoon the day before the funeral.

Usually, we leave the light on in front of the convent whenever we go out. But this time, we decided to leave it off.

We came back the next day and we’re greeted by the guard on duty.

And he said to one of the nuns, ” Sister, I didn’t know that you were all left early. What’s the occasion last night? I saw all the lights in the convent were on and heard sisters laughing.”

“If you knew that your life was merely a phase or short, short segment of your entire existence, how would you live? Knowing nothing ‘real’ was at risk, what would you do? You’d live a gigantic, bold, fun, dazzling life. You know you would. That’s what the ghosts want us to do – all the exciting things they no longer can.” — Chuck Palahniuk

P.S. The above story is NOT the reason why I left the convent.

I’d still

I’d still find myself reading your letters to me

I’d still find myself celebrating your birthday each year

I’d still find myself watching the moon like what we did

I’d still find myself standing where we last meet

I’d still find myself wondering…

Will I ever find you again?

The closet

I’ve never known anybody who didn’t have a skeleton or two in their closet. You know it’s there — and you get in the closet with it from time to time — a reunion with pain, sorrow, or demons. There are always those things we don’t want to talk to anybody about. Shame, guilt, and embarrassment are the locks on the closet door.

— from the book “From beginning to end”

Where r u?

” Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in things. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can. ”


Here it goes again

It’s been a while

This was not my favorite

But it stays with me

In times like this

Like how a mother cuddles her child

And how the waves running fast to the shore.

LONELINESS strikes again.

And the song “YOU” by Elton John is here to keep me company.

how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.

And this is so TRUE.

What is loneliness ?

Chasing Quotes

The guy called the girl on the phone, he broke up with her a week ago.

Girl : Hello !

Guy : Hi, what’s up?

Girl  : Oh, the usual.

Guy :  I  just arrived from Palawan for a seminar.

Girl  : hmm

Guy : Hold for a second, mom is calling me.

After a minute or so, the girl started to sing  holding the phone  (she doesn’t  know that the guy stays on the phone).

Girl : “It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. I’m not one of those who can easily hide. Don’t have much money but If I could I buy a big house where we both could live”.

Guy : What’s the title of the song? Is it “Annie’s song” ?

Girl : “Your song”.

Guy :  Don’t know that you like that song.

Girl :  Don’t know that I will be lonely.

Loneliness is… something you…

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ART in kids

ART is not what you SEE, but what you make others SEE.

– Edgar Degas –

This is what happened when my kids discover I got new stuff…😁

A son is a mother, too.

Because a son is a mother, too.👨‍👧‍👦
(a father’s motherly advice to his son about motherhood. Because NEVER try to tell a woman how to mother, she knows what she’s doing. )

You’re my #1

“There are NO STRANGERS Here; Only FRIENDS you haven’t yet met.”
– William Butler Yeats –



She’s a teenage kid who has just had a baby in the back stall of a barn, with some confusion about just who the father is. Her husband is muttering about taxes and the fact that the head honcho in these parts, Herod, has opted for infanticide. And if that’s not enough, there’s all this traffic of visiting astrologers, sheep ranchers, and angels, who keep dropping by with questions and proclamations and chorales. To top it off, the animals who are jammed in there with her “talk”. It certainly would give a person something to do some heavy thinking about.

I’d say “ponder” is the perfect word for what Mary was doing.

– Robert Fulghum from the book,  It was on fire when I lay down on it –

And me too, I ponder.

Like today, the feast of Mary’s nativity.

She’s not here to replace God, or her son, Jesus.

She’s the perfect example that humans can be perfect, too.

She was used as a instrument to fulfilled God’s divine will.

And to prove that EVERYTHING with GOD is POSSIBLE.

Child’s Mind

A simply response can make a difference. Thank you so much.

“A Child’s mind and character should remain in every individual, it’s the only way to remain human.”

I missed it the first time but not forever…



” You BLOCKED me 3 times

And I confirmed your FRIEND REQUEST 2 times. 

I’m confused.

Are you in-love ??? “


HOW DO I LOVE THEE?… (a letter to a sister with Global Development Delay)

Dear sister,

What happened to us? …

When we were kids, I thought we were twins.

Because we always had the same dress, sewed by our mother. Wherever I went, you had to go with me; playing outside, eating, taking a bath, watching TV and so on. Whenever we had a party or there’s an event in the house, mom would not let me help her with the chores. She would always tell me, “stay with your sister and that would be enough”. We were inseparable back then.

I grew up looking after you like I had to do for myself. It’s like I had two selves since we only had a two-years age gap. Being with you was like being alone with myself. So I had a lot of time to read books, watch movies and try writing.

Mother said you had your separate world, and if someone wanted to understand you, they must enter into your world. And so I did.

At an early age, I learned how to train a one-year-old child to use a spoon and fork when eating, to use the toilet when nature called, to get dressed, to combed hair after every shower, to sit properly.

You were that one-year-old.

I learned how to be responsible for other people because of you. You taught me how to take care of others without expecting something in return. You taught me to be patient, to be sensitive to other people’s need, to control my emotions, to always think ten times before doing something stupid. You taught me to be perfect, or at least act perfectly.

I think you’re lucky to have us, as a family. Aside from our parents, you have six sisters and brothers to look after you. It’s a good thing also that you’re the fifth child to be born out of seven children. At 41 years old, you are still our baby.

And so I thought.

For the last 6 months, you’ve had an ear infection that caused your head to develop sores and made you completely lose your hair. The regular visits to hospitals, which give you stress and fear, that worsened your condition, have not been easy.

These things are all new to you, and to us, too. We never thought this would come.


Are you really lucky to have us?

We isolated you from the world we lived in. None of us took the initiative to put in school, to be trained by professionals or medical experts regarding your condition. We took your freedom to lived a normal life, or at least learned how to take care of yourself, to freely expressed what you wanted.

If only we had known how to love you.


Image credit: Google

The yellow sponge

He’s the yellow sponge you can’t find in my kitchen

He’s the kind of employee every employer wants

He’s the only perfect friend made for Patrick

He can annoy the mean people with his happiness


He spends more time with my daughters than their father

He brings my daughters a good laugh


He inspires me on how he sees things.






It’s the first day in school, my 4-years old daughter was excited while I was not sure what’s going to happen.

So, I decided to stay in school just in case something might not work out right. And at last, after 3 hours there she was smiling.

Mom : How’s your first day ?

Daughter : It’s okay,  mom.

Mom, did you stayed in school?

Mom : Yes.

Daughter : You didn’t leave me?

Mom : Yes.

Daughter : Why?


Once in a while

Once in a while

I  close the umbrella and

feel the rain pours down

on me.


Once in a while

I take off my hat and

let the ray of the sun

warms me.


Once in a while

I let the pain remain

Just to be with you







LoVe and LuSt

I believe in both

love and lust

They’re both overrated

They’re used to define a feelings

They’re used to find fault

Sometimes, love starts with lust

And sometimes too, lust begin with love

Don’t be confused on

love and lust

Do get confused on your

needs and wants…





Happy Ending

“Every story has a  happy ending, you just need to know when to stop.”

     -Annie MG Schmidth-





I know who you are.

I want to apologized and at the same time, I want to thank you for bringing out the best and the worst in me.

What is meant to be will always find its way, not too early nor too late.

Always on time.

Someday, when I looked back on this I know it will bring smile to my face because it happened.

As for now, I wish you….never existed.



Musing : My life as a whole


CreditImage: Google


My life as a whole is a DREAM COME TRUE.

My first dream was to become a nun.

I entered the convent at aged 30, but got out after 2 years.

My life as a whole is an ADVENTURE.

A once in a lifetime experienced with the local tribe of Mindoro, knowing their culture and traditions in the mountain for a month. A life without electricity, an overflowing supply of water, and you can touch the sky by raising up your hands.

My life as a whole is MAGICAL.

Being love and be loved in return with the man of my dreams.  Though, people does really change.

My life as a whole is a MYSTERY.

Who would have thought that I will be reconnected with my first love after 25 years. The man that I thought was disappeared on this earth, came back to life to process forgiveness and finally to forget.

My life as a whole is UNPREDICTABLE.

I guess, It would not become a “life” if I knew what will going to happen.

And sometimes, I thank GOD for what went wrong.



This is NOT a love story

We were neighbors

School mates in our younger years

I’ve had been one of the boys

A cousin of yours and your best friend once dated me

I had seen into your eyes

That you wanted me too

You’d just didn’t said a word.


Four years had passed

You confessed your feelings

And said “I love you”

The morning came

You were gone

Without saying a word.


I’ve moved on

You’d moved on

Then we meet again

We reconnect

We shared intimate moments

Me, as a single

You, as a married man

Before the night had ended

Without saying a word

I’m gone.


I’ve moved on

You’d moved on

Then we meet again

You, as a divorcee

Me, as a married woman

Without saying a word

We were just neighbors.


Like mother, like daughter

“Kids have to exposed to different things in order to develop. A child is not going to find out he likes to play a musical instruments if you never exposed him to…”

– Dr. Temple Grandin

Writings of my daughter, aged 8.





There you are again

Always on time

Never miss a day

With your warm greetings

With your contagious smile

With your sincere eyes

With your neatly ironed clothes

Asking what I want

Serving my favorite tea

Of course

Because you’re the waiter from the cafe.

Thy will be done

I am confused

That every time I prayed

“Thy will be done”

The people I thought

And said they loved me


Wondering About…


Creditmage: Pixabay

“Don’t be easy to define. Let Them WONDER about you.”  Author : Allysa

I wonder about MARY, the blessed mother of Jesus. Her thoughts about her teenage pregnancy. And her fiance, Joseph, who has nothing to do about it.

About the guy who first held my hands when I was 15. And assumed by my mom as the father of her would-be grandchild just because she saw me vomiting one morning, even if she knew it was caused by a sore throat. The same guy who has nothing to do about it.

I wonder about the LAMPLIGHTER of “The little Prince” by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. His thoughts on his terrible profession. He just had to follow orders and there is nothing to understand. The one thing he loves in life is to sleep.

About the saleslady I saw every day at the train station on my way to work, complaining about her whole day job, overworked and underpaid. And still thinking of something else besides herself. I bet, the one thing she wants in life is to sleep, same with me.

I wonder about CINDERELLA, marrying the man she knew for one night. The fairy tale who taught us to believe that dreams do come true. What is her dream again?

About the man I married, I know I drive him crazy sometimes. He’s not easy to live with either.

I wonder about the SONGWRITER of “The man who can’t be moved” by the script. His thoughts and inspiration while writing every line of the song. Anyway, if he is the man; I’m the girl who can’t be moved.









Mom, what if?..

Conversation with my 8 years old daughter.

Alex : Mom, what if December comes and the virus is still here?
Does it mean we can’t get a christmas gift?

Me : Awwww…

Alex : Ah there’s still a gift!

Me : what?

Alex : Our family

Me : Of course. And even if you don’t have a family there will always be a gift. And you know what is it?

Alex : Our life.

Me : And who gave that?

Alex : GOD.

Walking down the aisle fascinates me

Where it always felt

Like my wedding day

Where I will be dressed in white

With tulips in my hand

Eyes fixed to the man

Waiting at the altar

Serenading by the choir

And the groom was half naked

Hanging on the cross.

Image by: Mateus Campos Felipe from unsplash

Quarantine : Reminds me of my life in the convent

To be human is to be active. We moved from one place to another. We explored and discovered new opportunities to make our life worth living.

Then all of a sudden, the world we lived in stops.

Where we  were force to follow rules, with a limited movements. Where we have to buy only our basic needs.

I was 29, when I entered the convent to become a nun.

Although my life before that were focus on working during weekdays and hanging out with my family or friends on weekends.

I rarely do charity work nor engaged in a community in our parish. But going to church and attending mass made my day whole.

Dreaming to become a nun was my childhood fantasy.

And no one saw it coming, neither do I.

But fate and divine intervention lead me to the convent.

The first few days in the community, gave me headache and backache. Taking a rest and staying in bed mostly during the day was a new experienced for me.

But as the days go by, the balance and structure life in the community gave me a sense of security and at ease.

There are common time in every activity. For waking up and getting ready before the morning prayer, liturgical mass, breakfast, exercise. Each day has different things to do, like going to the market twice or thrice a week, gardening on the next day, laundry on the third, and so on.

There’s a time for study and  playing, too.

The alteration and sharing of work load by every sisters gave me a sense of courage that I can be anything I want to be. –

Like how I needed God most in tuning the first line in “O God come to my assistance”, to signal the start of lauds and vespers, when i”m in-charge in the liturgy than cooking and preparing meals to 7 people for a whole week.

Like how to befriend 5 dogs for getting them to eat their food and chase them to take a bath, because they are also part of the community.

Every order is different, like every family is different from the others.

Living a life in the convent is meeting new friends in different cultures and generations, and making them part of your family. Sharing them with the same purpose gave me a sense of hope in humanity.

Just as Somya Kedia says,  “I believe that only humans can save human with humanity. ”