12 thoughts on “Like mother, like daughter

  1. Heheheh wowwww suchhh a nice little girl. Especially the poem about ants being super little… Lol.. She’s so damn cuteeee. So thoughtful and understanding. “You want to be a parent..Being a parent is not easy.” Hehehe.. Wow. She has her basics figured out early.

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  2. Thanks jay. I really was surprised when she showed me her writings, we were just talking bout the ants crawling on the wall and never thought she’s goin to write something bout it. Children are amazing, never had a dull moment with them.

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  3. I think this is just a great reflection of how great a parent you are. You’ve imbibed her with important values and allowed her to take her own free perspective on things. Those are great things. Most parents don’t care much about their children’s thoughts and musings at all. Just dismiss them as ‘kids’. Great work!

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