Mothers are stubborn


When a child says, "Mom, I can't do it."
A mother will answer, "Yes you can!"

When a child says, "Mama, I failed."
A mother will reply, "A failure means you didn't try."

When a child says, "Mommy, no one wants me to here."
A mother will tell, "Just be patient. Be yourself."

When a child says, "Mother, am I ugly?"
A mother will question, "Am I ugly?" 

Mothers are really the most stubborn human beings. They never answered   their children the way their children asked of them. They never listened to our complaints, our doubts and our fears.   

And so....
When a child says, "I hate you Mom! Wish I have an option to choose a    mother!"
A mother will utter, "I LOVE YOU SO. You are the best gift God has given  me."

A mother knows her child, like our Father in Heaven knows us. Maybe    that's the reason why HE created our MOTHERS. 


mother mess


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